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Dear Friends:

It is a pleasure to present our latest information to you.

Regardless of where you live, you're not too far to get our poultry. We believe that once you do business with Country Hatchery, Inc. , you'll want to do business with us time and time again.

We invite you to order and we'll do everything in our power to please you.

Matthew D. Smith
General Manager

Country Hatchery Ducks
Muscovies make wonderful pets.

Country Hatchery, Inc.

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Hello There--

Please join me in congratulating my son, Matthew D. Smith, to the position of General Manager of Country Hatchery, Inc. After 47 years of operating our family business, I am most happy and eager to "turn over the reins" to my son, Matthew. I have taught him everything I know in the poultry and hatchery business. This includes taking care of the poultry, the hatchery, and the customers. Both of us know that we could not stay in business without producing a quality product and doing everything in our power to please our loyal and faithful customers. While I will still at times be working in the office, Matthew will be the one in charge of every aspect of the hatchery and poultry farm. Please contact him when you have questions. I know that he will do everything in his power to please you.

Dr. Dennis P. Smith

Country Hatchery Dennis Smith Country Hatchery Rhode Island Reds

Here is Dad, looking at a few newly-hatched babies, and getting ready to set more turkey eggs into one of our huge, fully-automatic Robbins Incubators. The one you see in the background holds 32,000 eggs.


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