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About Us

Country Hatchery was founded in 1965 by Dennis Smith with one small incubator and a big dream. Actually, it was a 4-H project, and he was a Sophomore in High School at the time. He made his own catalogs and placed a few advertisements in farm papers. Soon, orders were coming in and his business was going and growing.

Over the years, Dennis and his sons say it seems as if they hatched everything.

Hatch days start very early. It's still dark outside, but the babies in our hatchers are chirping to get out of the incubator trays and start their lives with their new owners. And our customers are very anxious to get the babies, so our day begins. We will take several thousand babies out of the hatch trays, cull and grade and soon the babies are in a box to either be picked up or mailed. Sometimes they are mailed across the entire country! When we finish with our work, it's dark again outside. We've spent the entire day doing what we love--working at Country Hatchery, and we go home knowing that tomorrow we will make our customers smile and be proud of their newly-arrived babies.

Please remember, we very much want to serve you as a customer; and want you to know that here at Country Hatchery we do everything as chemically free as the State of Oklahoma will allow us to be and still be a National Poultry Improvement Plan Participant and Licensed Commercial Hatchery.

We ship all over the United States except for Hawaii and Guam. We also ship to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Thanks for your interest in our family owned and family operated business--Country Hatchery.

The Smith Family


Office Hours:

January through June 9 a.m. to 12 Noon then 1 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

July through December 9 a.m. to 12 Noon; closed after noon


Baby Poultry, just before they hatch, absorb the yolk in the egg. This proides them with nourishment for 72 hours and allows them to be shipped througout the U.S. Started Chicks, Junior Started Pullets and 20-week-old pullets are shipped with nourishment in the boxes to help them arrive safely.

We do not vacinate any of our poultry. We believe in naturally healthy birds with not all of those antibiotics and medications that some other hatcheries pump their chicks up with. Ours are naturally healthy and come from parent stock that has not been vaccinated or medicated for any disease. Naturally, we do test for Pullorum-Typhoid and Salmonella and maintain a Clean Status.

Telephone your order in at 405-683-1601 during office hours. Please order as early as possible; chicks sell out fast during the hatching season. The earlier you order, the better we can serve you. Baby chicks are available January through November. Turkeys are available usually in April. Ducklings and Goslings are available as long as we have eggs to set. Most Ducks are available February through September. Goslings usually hatch in April, May and June. Guineas are available usually April through September.

Important Notice

Baby poultry can be picked up at the hatchery ONLY BY THIS AGREEMENT:

1. You pay in full at the time you place your order.

2. You agree to pick up the poultry on the date given.

3. Failure to pick the poultry up on the date given will result in a brooding charge.



6 chicks, or 6 turkeys, or 6 guineas. For ducklings and goslings the minimum for ordering is 2. Remember, if you order less than 15 chicks, 10 turkeys, or 6 guineas you will be charged a $35.00 Small Order Fee. If you order less than 10 ducklings or 10 goslings you will be charged a $45.00 Small Order Fee.


We guarantee 90% Accuracy on Sexed Pullet Chicks. We do not sex ducklings, goslings, turkeys or guineas. If we make an error in sexing, we will refund the cost of the females over 10% in all instances by giving you a credit on your next order. Claims must be documented by photographs and any extra chicks must be considered.


We guarantee 100% Live Arrival on Amounts Ordered. Remember, except on Junior Started Pullets, 20-week-old Pullets and minimums for ordering, shipping charges are now automaticcally calculated in the cost of the baby poultry.





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