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Country Hatchery Muscovy Ducks
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Country Hatchery Standard Bronze Turkey

Country Hatchery

IT'S HATCH DAY AT COUNTRY HATCHERY, INC. We start our day very early. It's still dark outside, but the babies in our hatchers are chirping to get out of the incubator trays and start their lives with their new owners. And our customers are very anxious to get their babies, so our day begins. We will take several thousand babies out of the hatch trays, cull and grade them, sex the chicken breeds, and fill sometimes over 200 orders with baby chicks, ducklings, turkeys and guineas. Soon the babies are in a box to either be picked up or mailed, sometimes clear across the country. When we finish with our work, it's dark again outside. We've spent the entire day doing what we love--working at Country Hatchery, Inc.. We smile as we go home, knowing that tomorrow we will make our customers smile and be proud of their newly arrived babies from Country Hatchery, Inc.

Country Hatchery Dennis Smith

Here is Dad checking a few eggs in one of our Robbins Incubators. Constant supervision and maintenance assure you of a perfect incubation atmosphere, so necessary to the production of healthy, livable baby poultry.

Our hatchery is the oldest and largest mail-order hatchery in the state of Oklahoma. But we are still very old-fashioned in many ways.

  • We return phone calls.
  • We want to please the customer.
  • We refuse to sell anything except top-quality babies.
  • We monitor the weather in all parts of the country and box poultry where it arrives safely.
  • We are the only hatchery that we know of that will call you when your babies are put in the mail.

Actually, we could go on and on about the things we do to produce quality poultry and take care of our customers. Your proof will be in the way we take care of your orders and treat you as our friend first, then as our customer.

We sincerely hope that you will honor us with your poultry needs.



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