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Hatching Eggs

If you would prefer to hatch your own eggs, we can supply you on some breeds. We send the same eggs that we would otherwise put in our incubators. They are fresh and ready to set when you receive them. We pack them very carefully; however, we do not guarantee hatchability since so many variables are out of our control. Each eggg is individually wrapped in bubble wrap. They are insured for safe arrival.

Eggs are sent postage paid.

Bronze Turkeys

6 eggs.....$35.00

12 eggs.....$65.00

Muscovy Duck Eggs

6 eggs.....$35.00

12 eggs.....$65.00




Guinea Keets

6 eggs.....$29.00

12 eggs.....$49.00


These breeds of Chickens:

Cinnamon Queens & Black Beauties

6 eggs.....$25.00

12 eggs.....$40.00

24 eggs.....$59.00





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