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Muscovy Ducklings

These are known as the "quackless" duck because they do not quack. Many people love Muscovies because their meat is similar to ham or sirloin steak, yet much leaner (98% fat free).

Excellent flyers, but you can clip the third section of one wing before they are one week old and they cannot fly. If you wish, we can do this for you at Country Hatchery for a charge of $1.50 per duckling. Adding to their beauty, Muscovies have a "crest" of feathers on the top of their heads that they can raise at will.

Muscovies will choose to "roost" in high places if you do not dewing them. We dewing our breeder ducklings before they are one week old as we do not want them to fly over our breeder fences. Being dewinged, they also tame down much more. Muscovy ducks sometimes hatch and brood up to 3 bunches of ducklings a season. They are excellent mother ducks and will hatch almost every egg they set on.

Mature drakes (males) will weigh anywhere from 12 to 15 pounds, while the females (ducks) actually weight from 8 to 10 pounds. Both sexes have what is known as a "caruncle" on their head when they mature.

Muscovy eggs are delicious and are used in many dishes. Their taste is rich and they are considered a delicacy.

Muscovies love to eat flies, maggots, mosquitos, mosquito larva, slugs, bugs of all sorts, black widow spiders, the brown fiddleback spider, and anything else that creeps or crawls. As a matter of fact, they will search in, under, around and through places to find these tasty morsels.

Ducklings should be fed a high protein feed (we feed 28%) that is NON MEDICATED. Ducklings should be started at about 90 to 95 degrees F. for the first week., then lower the temperature 5 degrees each week until no more heat is needed.



Assorted Muscovy Ducklings

Muscovy Ducks are wonderful ducks to have since they eat lots of spiders and flies.  Tasty meat and eggs.  Not less than 10 ducklings shipped. We have Chocolate, Blue and White Pied and Black and White Pied but we only sell the Assorted Muscovy Ducklings.


 No Choice as to Specific Colors in Assorted Muscovies.  Day-Old, Unsexed

$22.50 Each or


You may order any combination of duck breeds you want as long as the total number of ducklings ordered is 10



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