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Standard Bronze (Heritage) Turkeys

These "old-fashioned" standard Bronze Turkeys are the kind that was raised years ago. These turkeys will reproduce naturally, yet they still have a good breast size.

These heirloom turkeys are scarce and are an excellent choice for the farm, for organicallhy produced turkeys at farmers markers, or for any pastured market where delicious, nutritious whole-some meat is wanted. Standard Bronze are wonderful layers and are preferred by many.

Day Old,Unsexed Only.

$10.15 Each

Country Hatchery Turkeys Standard Bronze
Country Hatchery
Country Hatchery Turkeys, Blue Slates

Blue Slate Turkeys

Blue Slates are a beautiful turkey.  Hardy and easy to raise.  Very good layers.  

Day-Old, Unsexed Only. 

Each $10.15

Bourbon Red Turkeys

Very colorful and beautiful, the Bourbon Red is also a Heritage turkey. Very good layers and they reproduce naturally. They have lots of stamina and are very easy to raise.

Day-Old, Unsexed Only. 

Each $10.15

Country Hatchery Turkeys, Bourbon Reds
Country Hatchery Turkeys, Beltsville Whites Beltsville White Turkeys

Once a very popular turkey, these are now quite rare. As far as we know, Country Hatchery is the only hatchery that has these wonderful turkeys. Excellent for the backyard farmer. Very scarce.

Day-Old, Unsexed Only.

$10.15 Each

Rainbow Turkey Assortment

This nice assortment will include at least 3 breeds of turkeys and possibly more if we have them available at time of hatch.  Our choice only as to breeds and numbers of each. 

Day-Old, Unsexed Only. 

$9.00 Each

Country Hatchery Smith Boys sorting eggs

Here are Michael and Matthew preparing to set some Turkey Eggs in one of our New Natureform Incubators.


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